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Chlorhexidine Base(CHB)

CAS No.:55-56-1


Chlorhexidine Base(CHB)
CAS NO. 55-56-1
Standard: pharmaceutical grade , Tech grade


General Specification:
【CAS No.】55-56-1
【molecular formula】C22H30Cl2N10
【molecular weight】505.45
【EINECS No.】200-238-7
【Product Name】 chlorhexidine 
【Package】10kg/drum  or  aluminium foil bag as requested
【Storage】Clean, cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, away from sunlight.

Technical Specification:




This product is a white crystalline powder

Purity %




Loss on drying



Pharmacologic action:
Chlorhexidin base , also known as chlorhexidine, is a cationic surfactant with strong broad-spectrum bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects. It is a good bactericidal disinfectant, and its antibacterial effect on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria is stronger than benzalkonium bromide. It has a positive charge and is absorbed on the plaque and oral mucosal surface with a negative charge when gargling in the mouth. Then, the absorbed drug disperses from these parts and gradually precipitates to produce a continuous effect until the concentration in saliva decreases 24 hours later. The product is absorbed on the osmotic barrier of the bacterial cytoserous membrane, causing the cell contents to leak out.


Product Usage:
Clinically, it is used to wash hands, soak hands and skin disinfectant before surgery in  operatio area. Oral and throat infections, wound irrigation, instrument disinfection, hospital room or operating room and other environmental disinfection. Creams or ointments for infantile eczema, small burns, scalds and impetigo; Powder for heat rash, eczema dermatitis erythema. The film is used for minor burns and scalds.


Precautions, side effects and hazards:
①Occasionally allergic reactions
②Repeated use can make skin dry, less sweat
③Strong solution to conjunctiva and other sensitive areas of irritation
④Gargling can cause reversible glossitis, tooth discoloration and transient taste changes
⑤Do not mix with soap, laundry detergent and other anionic surfactants
⑥It should not be used with gum Arabic, beeswax, red mercury, iodine, potassium permanganate, silver nitrate, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate and other drugs. It is not heat-resistant. The sterilization temperature of <0.1% solution is 115℃, and 1% is not autoclave


Package & Storage:
Clean, cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, away from sunlight.。


Key Word:

chlorhexidine base


CAS 55- 56-1

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