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Lao Tzu's "De Jing" has said that the wood of embracing is born at the end of the earth; The nine-story platform starts from the earth. So is Jiahe Shengshi. After six years of development and growth, it has become a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise integrating a variety of API intermediates, disinfection and sterilization and sanitary products. After several years of Hurry, Jiahe people have braved the wind and rain, worked hard and unswervingly. It is a prosperous world that has achieved its initial scale and achievements today. National enterprises serve the people and the health industry bless peace. At present, Jiahe has begun to enter the field of medical devices and biomedicine, always resonating with the national strategy, taking the revitalization of national medicine as its own responsibility, serving the society and benefiting the people, and striding forward a new journey! The mountain is high and the water is wide, and the road is blocked and long. It is far away. I will search up and down. I beg for his friend's voice. "It is difficult for those who act alone to rise, but it is easy for many to follow." To achieve the prosperity and development of national enterprises, the most powerful force is to work together, and the most effective method is to work together. At the same time, Jiahe continues to work with colleagues in the industry: "We will work together, work hand in hand, brew good wine together, and make great achievements!"




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