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Guanidine carbonate

Chinese name: Guanidine carbonate CAS:593-85-1



Chinese name: Guanidine carbonate
Chemical formula: C2H10N6H2CO3

Molecular weight: 180.17


Appearance: white crystalline powder

Content  99%

Salt (in chlorination)% 0.30 0.30 0.40

Insoluble matter %0.15 0.150.20

Moisture %≤0.200.300.30

Ash %≤0.100.10 0.20

Melting point °C197 197197

Relative density d204 1.25 1.25 1.25

Use: This product is an organic synthetic raw material and analytical reagent. For amino resin PH regulator, antioxidant, resin stabilizer and soap, also used as cement slurry, surfactant additives. In the synthesis of detergents, it is used as a moisture resistance agent and synergist in the determination of zinc, cadmium, manganese weight, as a precipitating agent, and also for the separation of magnesium in alkali metals.

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Guanidine carbonate


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