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Hypochlorous Acid

【CAS No.】7790-92-3


Hypochlorous Acid :
Alias:HCLO, UNII-712K4CDC10hypochlorousaciHigh test hypochloriteHypochlorous acid Standard Solution

Product Standard:CP , USP ,EP 


General Specification:
【CAS No.】7790-92-3
【molecular formula】 ClHO
【molecular weight】52.46
【EINECS number 】232-232-5
【Product Name】Hypochlorous Acid
【Package 】25kg/drum、200kg/Drum、 1000kg/IBC’
【Storage 】Sealed storage at room temperature and away from light, validity two years


Technical Data:




Colorless to light yellow-green, yellow-green when extremely concentrated

Purity %



Irritating odor


Present only in aqueous solution

Main ingredients

Hypochlorous Acid 
Boling Point 125-130 °C(Press: 11 Torr)

Relative Density

1.1655 g/cm3
pKa pK (25°) 7.49


Pharmacologic Action:

Codium hypochlorite is prohibited to be directly used in air Disinfection, suitable for hard object surface, hospital pollutant body, white fabric and medical devices Disinfection. Also for textile bleaching function, but when using, pay attention to harmonic ratio and personal protection.


Product Usage:

Hypochlorous Acid is commonly used as a bleaching agent, oxidant and disinfectant. Due to its strong oxidation and bleaching action, its salts can be used as bleaching agents and disinfectants. The most important of hypochlorite is calcium salt, which is the active ingredient of bleaching powder (a mixture of calcium hypochlorite and basic calcium chloride). In biological systems, hypochlorous acid can be considered the most toxic and abundant oxidant produced by leukocytes such as neutrophils and monocytes. Hypochlorous acid acts as an extremely strong oxidant and rapidly affects more than Aggression physiologically relevant molecules, including thiols, thioethers, amines, amino acids, nucleotides, ascorbic acid, and polyenoic acid. At the same time, hypochlorous acid can generate other oxidants with very high reactivity, for example, reaction with H2O2 and superoxide anions can generate singlet oxygen and hydroxyl radicals, respectively. Hypochlorous acid as a Disinfection agent, is widely used in the surface of objects, fabrics and other contaminated items, as well as water, fruits and vegetables and eating and drinking Disinfection. In addition to the above uses, hypochlorous acid can also be used in indoor air, secondary water supply facilities surface, hands, skin and mucous membranes of Disinfection.




Application Cases:

Hypochlorous acid is generally used as a bleaching agent, oxidizer and disinfectant





Sterilization Mechanism:

Sodium Hypochlorite is hydrolyzed to form hypochlorous acid, which is further decomposed to form new ecological oxygen [O], the strong oxidation of the new ecological oxygen makes the bacteria and Virus of the protein and other substances denatured, thus killing pathogenic microorganisms.



State at room temperature: only in aqueous solution. The aqueous solution can be concentrated in vacuo to a density of 1.282, I .e., a concentration of 40.1%. When heated to 40 ℃, it decomposes and explodes. Color: colorless to light yellow green (color change is because the reaction Cl2 + H2O = HCIO + HCl is a reversible reaction, in different states of the equilibrium state is also different, yellow green is because of the dissolved chlorine gas)


Authoritative test report:
Through the third party authority testing , quality can be guaranteed 



Key Word:


【CAS No.】7790-92-3

Hypochlorous Acid



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