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1,6-biscyanoguanidine hexane

CAS No.:15894-70-9


1, 6-biscyanoguanidine hexane
CAS NO. 15894-70-9

Alias:N,N'''-1,6-Hexanediylbis(N'-cyanoguanidine) 1,6-Hexanediylbis(N'-cyanoguanidine) HMBDA, HMBCG


General specification:
【CAS No.】15894-70-9
【molecular formula】C10H18N8
【molecular weight】250.304
【EINECS No.】240-032-4
【Name】1,6-Hexamethylene -Bis Cyanoguanidine
【Package 】15kg/drum Or aluminum foil bag package
【Storage 】 Store in a cool, dry, dark and sealed place.


 Technical Specification:




This product is a white crystalline powder

Purity %


Loss on drying %


Melting Point



Product Usage:
1, 6-biscyanoguanidine hexane is an alkane derivative, which can be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Synthesis of chlorhexidine intermediate, chlorhexidine intermediate, chlorhexidine gluconate intermediate, chlorhexidine acetate intermediate.【Application】 It has quite strong broad-spectrum bacteriostatic and bactericidal action, and it is a good bactericidal and disinfecting drug. Its antibacterial effect on Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria is stronger than that of brogeramine and other disinfecting drugs, even in the presence of serum and blood, it is still effective.


Usage & Dosage: 
1.Sterilization of hands: Soak hands at 1:500 (Chlorhexidine acetate) for 3 minutes.
2.Preoperative preparation: Use 0.5% chlorhexidine (70%) solution, its potency is about equal to iodine tincture, but there is no skin irritation, nor staining, so it is especially suitable for facial, perineal and children's preoperative preparation.
3.Flush the wound: Use 1:2000 water solution. 
4.Gargle anti-inflammatory: Gargle with 1:500 solution, effective on pharyngitis and oral ulcer.
5.Burns and scalds: Use 0.5% cream or aerosol.
6.During childbirth, maternal vulva and its surrounding skin disinfection, colposcopic moisturizer can be used 0.1% cream.
7.Instrument disinfection: disinfection with 1:1000 water solution, storage with 1:5000 water solution, add 0.1% sodium nitrite immersion, every 2 weeks to change 1 times.
8.Room, furniture disinfection: with 1:200 water solution spray or wipe.


Package & Storage:
15kg/drum or  Aluminum foil bag
Store in a cool, dry, dark and sealed place.


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CAS 15894-70-9



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