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Chlorhexidine Di(acetate)

 CAS No. : 56-95-1


Chlorhexidine Diacetate, CHlorhexidine acetate

 CAS No. : 56-95-1

Chmiccal Name :1-6 dihexane diacetate
Alias:Chlorhexidine di(acetate); 1,6-Bis(N5-[p-chlorophenyl]-N1-biguanido)hexane; Hibitane diacetate; Chlorhexidine di acetate
Product Standard :CP (chinese pharmacopoeia )


General Specification:

【CAS No.】56-95-1
【molecular formula】C22H30Cl2N10·2C2H4O2
【molecular weight】625.56
【EINECS No.】242-354-0
【Product Name】 Chlorhexidine acetate
【Storage】Sealed preservation storage, validity two years


Product Usage:
Cationic broad-spectrum antimicrobial, belongs to the biguanide type disinfectant. Its mechanism of action involves disturbing the cell membrane of bacteria. Also disinfectants. It has strong bactericidal effect on Gram-positive bacteria, negative bacteria and fungi, and it is also effective on Pseudomonas aeruginosa.It can be used to disinfect skin, rinse wounds, and also to disinfect surgical instruments. Topical, highly effective and safe antibacterial disinfectant can kill Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans.



Technical Specification:




A white or almost white crystalline powder


Dissolved in ethanol, slightly dissolved in water



Water Solubility

1.9 g/100 mL (20°C)

Melting Point





Mechanism of action:
Chlorhexane acetate as a white or nearly white crystalline powder; Odorless, bitter taste. Dissolved in ethanol, slightly dissolved in water. Chlorhexidine acetate has good broad-spectrum bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects with low toxicity. Its main mechanism of action is to destroy the protoplasmic membrane of the cell wall of pathogenic microorganisms and quickly kill gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, bacterial buds, fungi and viruses.


product Usage: 
A commonly used antiseptic, it’s used to disinfect instruments, skin and mucous membranes. Main clinical applications: for washing hands before operation; Urological and gynecological drugs; For small area burn, trauma infection, etc. It is widely used in eye drops and other fields.




Clinical application:
Chlorhexidine acetate, as a biguanide compound, has very strong bacteriostatic and bactericidal ability. The pharmacological mechanism of chlorhexidine acetate is that it can be adsorbed in the osmotic barrier of bacterial cell membrane, so that the cell contents can leak out. Low concentration can inhibit bacteria, while high concentration can kill bacteria. So chlorhexidine acetate is a very ideal broad spectrum bacteriostatic and fungicide. Secondly, because of its rapid curative effect and durability, as well as stable nature, low toxicity, long-term use is not easy to produce drug resistance. At present, it is widely used in clinic.
It is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1.1 The disinfectant is used for washing hands before surgery, 
soaking in 0.02% aqueous solution (1:5000) for 3 min, disinfecting the surgical field with 0.5% alcohol solution (containing 70% alcohol), its potency is similar to that of iodine tincture. It can also be used for disinfecting surgical instruments with 0.1% aqueous solution (adding 0.5% sodium nitrite to prevent rust). Storage equipment can be soaked in 0.02% water solution (containing sodium nitrite 0.1%), every 2 weeks for 1 time. And skin or wound disinfection with 1% spray spray, or 0.05% water solution to wash the wound, etc.          

1.2 Urological and gynecological drugs
The compound preparation containing chlorhexidine gluconate 1.2mg and metronidazole 0.2mg per milliliter is used for vaginal irrigation to treat various vaginitis and leucorrhea caused by bacteria, trichomoniasis and mold. Its pharmacological action is chlorhexidine, also known as chlorhexidine, a broad spectrum fungicide; Metronidazole, also known as Medroxylate, has anti-anaerobic bacteria, anti-trichomoniasis effect. And compound chlorhexidine acetate suppository for anaerobic bacteria, trichomoniasis vaginitis or mixed infection.        

1.3 Oral medicine 
Compound Chlorhexidine gargle is used for the adjuvant treatment of gingival bleeding, periodontal abscess and oral mucosa ulcer caused by gingivitis, pericoronitis and oral mucositis, and for the control of oral infection after dental surgery.        

1.4Application as humidifying fluid in newborn incubator
It has been reported that low concentration chlorhexidine acetate solution was used as humidifying solution in neonatal incubator to prevent bacterial contamination. With 5000 mg/L and 1000 mgC/L chlorhexidine acetate solution as the humidification solution, the sterile growth within 24 h, 48 h after the bacteria rate of 9.62%, 72 h after the bacteria rate of 13.46%. Chlorhexidine acetate solution with low concentration has good bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect as humidifying solution in neonatal incubator.

Storage :

Dry and sealed storage.


Key Word:

chlorheixidine acetate

chlorheixidine diacetate


CAS 56-95-1

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